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Stormfiber packages In Bahawalpur is Pakistan’s very authentic and best and most reliable fibre optic cable to connect to the Internet in your home, to your TV services, and your telephone and landline service provider. It operates through  Cybernet, which is one of the leading corporate Internet service providers in Pakistan. 

StormFiber has always proclaimed itself to be the highest quality service, provider. With his connection to home services in Pakistan, he enjoys a lot of trust here. StormFiber provides its customers with an unlimited and consistent speed that is more reliable than the regular broadband used in Pakistan.

Stormfiber packages in Bahawalpur
Stormfiber packages in Bahawalpur

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This durable fiber is the most trusted Internet, TV, and Fiber Optic Telephony  (FTTH) service provider in Pakistan, with a large-scale and reliable network spanning all of Pakistan. They work for Cybernet, which is part of the Lakson group of companies and a broadband shareholder in Pakistan. Millions of Pakistani customers connect to high-speed Internet every day, which helps them enjoy clear voice and HDTV graphics thanks to the power of the StormFiber fiber network.

Stormfiber packages Daily Update | Strofiber contact and network update

The StormFiber infrastructure is unique compared to other fiber-optic networks. The best telecommunications experts in Pakistan design its infrastructure. It’s brilliant in every sense. StormFiber is designed following international standards. It helps to protect and withstand environmental hazards and also provides insurance. 

The StormFiber network is designed to detect any loss in signal connections automatically. Because of this, StormFiber clients have no problem using the Fast Connect service. StormFiber lets you broadcast internet signals to your home through a specially designed fiber optic structure. 

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With StormFiberr home service, customers get Internet access and other connections at a constant speed that is more reliable. Than conventional broadband services in Pakistan. When it comes to line connection in Pakistan, local ISPs use copper wired lines to cover the distance to your home, which is an unreliable connection method. However, StormFiber is designed using fiber optic cables that provide greater data security, stable connectivity, and consistent, consistent speed.

Services provided by Stormfiber in Pakistan

I am assuming you have two devices at home, and both are Wi-Fi-powered. What’s the difference? Local traditional broadband, which is one device, will only provide Internet functionality when the user at home has access to the Internet, television, and telephone services for pleasure.

 Usually, for the coverage of WI-FI signals in homes, this is because the signals from our triple means of optical network terminal (ONT) device may not connect to some parts of your home. ONT antennas have limited transmit power, and obstructions such as the thickness of walls, poles, and floors can lead to rapid signal attenuation. However, StormFiber provides you with its own pre-installed smart GPON modem that boosts your internet connection. 

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You stay connected to your internet despite power outages throughout the city, especially StormFiber in Karachi. StormFiber offers impressive consumer Internet bandwidth with no volume or download limits so far. Moreover, the FUP (Fair Use Policy) is applied to the entire system under the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority   (PTA).

1.  Installation  :

When we compare the process of installing a fiber optic link to a StormFiber, installing a StormFiber is much faster and less tedious. Compared to the StormFiber, their modem is made by Huawei and has an additional Wi-Fi router with a dual antenna inside. The user should not use this wifi and connect their wifi via tp-link because his wifi is powerful. The Wi-Fi in StormFiber is even better than any traditional standalone Wi-Fi router, including fiber. StormFiber installs in just a week, has a much better modem, and built-in Wi-Fi, and they claim their system is much more efficient.

2.  Payment:

Pricing plays an important role, Fiber link charges Rs 5,000 per setup, and then you have to pay extra for your package, so you end up paying at least Rs 6,000 in total, but you don’t even have Wi-Fi. However, at StormFiber Pakistan, you pay Rs 5,000, including the monthly internet fee, which is also included in that amount, and you get excellent Wi-Fi speeds.

 There is an online portal where you can pay your payment and check your payment history or any problems that concerned you then and there. On the other hand, this payment service is better compared to the fiber optic line… The fee is the same for any StormFiber in Karachi, StormFiber in Lahore, StormFiber in Islamabad, StormFiber in Multan, and other cities in Pakistan where this StormFiber service is available.

The cable on the StormFiber has a certain thickness than the Fiber Link, although the internal cable is the same size. The StormFiber cable looks strong and durable due to its thickness. The cable’s outer jacket is generally thicker for armoring, and therefore, the cables are not easy to break.

Stormfiber packages in Karachi
Stormfiber packages in Karachi

Stormfiber customer support and availability

When it comes to fiber optic, the customer support team consists of their hotline, where usually the reviews weren’t good compared to those of StormFiber, and even if someone picks up the phone, you have to wait 40 minutes before someone speaks to you. When it comes to StormFiber, it’s easy to communicate with them. When you call the hotline, a group of people will immediately pick up, transfer, and connect you with another person who can help you, and soon your problems will be addressed and resolved.

StormFiber is slightly more expensive than Fiber Channel but trusts me, the installation is worth it. The ping on Stromfiber is also slightly higher than usual, but let’s say you have two grocery stores in your city. One is near your home, but the seller mistreats you or does not offer you the highest quality products, and whenever you go to that store, you feel frustrated and disappointed as there is another grocery store that is a little far from your place.

 But he has a much better salesperson who is kind to you and rarely gets into trouble. Both are doing the same thing at the end of the day, both are providing the same service, but the difference is that you are not mentally stressed or frustrated with the latter. It’s the same with traditional standalone Wi-Fi and StormFiber routers.

 Although StormFiber is more expensive but worth buying. When you factor in their setup time, customer service, and payment methods, while fiber-optic obviously charges you less, it’s all lacking. When you pay money for internet services, it is necessary and important to deliver the promised service.

Stormfiber Providing Service in Pakistan Cities

  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  •  Quetta
  •  Multan
  • Sialkot
  • Bahawalpur
  • Sahiwal

Stormfiber packages in Pakistan

1 – month free Internet use

(PROMO1) Double Play Packs

(Network + PHONE)

                  SPEED               PER MONTH    INSTALLATION FEE
                  10 Mbps         1799 / – On Tax 2396 / –                  4999 / –
Stormfiber packages in Pakistan

·         The Super Saver Double Room the Play 10 Mbit / s (network + phone)

                 SPEED             PER MONTH     INSTALLATION FEE
                  10 Mbps         1799 / – On Tax 2396 / –1st month 2499 2nd month 2499
Stormfiber packages in Pakistan
Stormfiber packages in Bahawalpur

2 – month free internet access

(PROMO1) Пакеты Triple Play

(Net + TV + PHONE) HD BOX commercials

                       SPEED           PER MONTH     INSTALLATION FEE
10 Mbps1999 / -in. Tax 2567+5999 / –
20 Mbps2999 / -On Tax 3912+6999 / –
30 Mbps3999 / -On Tax 5256+7999 / –
50 Mbps5999 / -On Tax 7945+11499 / –
100 Mbps9999 / -On Tax 13322+14499 / –
Stormfiber packages in Bahawalpur

StormFiber packages are very reliable and consist of many different new internet packages that have been specially designed to meet the needs of every person.

StormFiber Network

StormFiber currently provides its services in Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Lahore. Very soon, it spreads all over Pakistan.

Stormfiber contacts (location, numbers, email, phone number)

Mail:  [email protected]

1.     ISP StormFiber

Phone: (021) 111 178 676

Location: Karachi

·         ISP Storm Fiber

Phone: (042) 111 178 676

Location: Lahore

 ISP Storm Fiber

Phone: (091) 111 178 676


StormFiber is the most reliable fiber optic cable for home Internet, TV, and telephone connectivity for Pakistani residents, providing them with the best service. He is affiliated with Cybernet, which launched the company, a leading enterprise Internet services company, and users will be using StormFiber packages for the Internet, TV, and phone. 

This internet service company proudly claims to provide the highest quality service, and what’s more, the feedback on StormFiber has been positive to date and confirms the company’s claim. Fiber optic users to their homes will enjoy consistently high speeds that are much more reliable than traditional broadband.

StormFiber introduced many internet packages in 2020, and these packages are designed with users in mind in each case. StormFiber provides services in some selected regions of Pakistan, which are Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta, Hyderabad, and Multan.

Its speed is fast with no waiting or delays. No more buffering. StormFiber lets you enjoy the internet without wasting precious time. He provides you with the best service. Don’t let downtime slow you down. Best of all, StormFiber is a self-diagnostic provider that will solve your problems and give you uninterrupted internet service. StormFiber gives you wide access to the fast-paced universe of online video games, live streaming, movies, music, TV shows, and more. Just know that the world is digital.

Get your own StormFiber installation and feel the change!